2 Liter Bottle Hydroponics Tutorial

Let’s talk about the two liter bottle hydroponic garden. If you’re looking for the simplest way to get started in hydroponics, on earth, this is it and it’s really good for kids. If you’re just trying to get started in hydroponics and you want to do something simple, this is the way to go.

Now, here’s what you need. Very first thing.

Obviously you need a two liter bottle and the beauty of the two liter bottle. Then you need some sort of growing media.

Now I like to use either Hydroton, which are clay pellets, you can also use coconut coir, which is super popular. I’ve been using that a lot lately.

And what that is is it’s ground up coconut husks that essentially just provide space for your roots to grow and an area or a way for water to make it all the way up to the roots.

If you want you could use soil, but then again it wouldn’t be a hydroponic garden. But you know, that option is open to you.

Obviously we’re gonna need some water. We’re going to need some sort of wicking material.

And the wick material is essentially what’s taking the water and nutrients from the bottom of the two liter bottle and bringing it up to the top.

Next thing you might want, this is optional, is aluminum foil.

And that’s because when light hits water that has nutrients in it, algae will start to form there. Now, algae is not super harmful to the plant, but it does look a little bit gross and it can make, you know, it can make your garden not look as aesthetic as you might want it to look.

Next you’ll need some nutrients. I’ll talk about what kind of nutrients you’ll want, and then you’ll also want some sort of seed or seedling.

So you’ve got your bottle. Now here’s why the two liter bottle is so perfect for this experiment. All you need to do is draw a line right across where the curve starts to end. So it’s as it curves it starts to get to a flat point.

And as long as you draw a line right around that curve, you’re going to have the perfect situation.

It is absolutely perfect for the growing media and your plant. It’s the perfect little space for that to sit in. And that’s why the two liter bottle is so great because not only is it the perfect space, but it also gets the plant closer to the water.

So let’s talk about the water.

What you need to do is you need to first of all, use as clean and pure a water as you can. So tap water is good. If you want, since this is so small, you can use something like a Brita filter to quickly filter your water.

Make sure that you get it as pure as possible. I also like to use General Hydroponic Flora Three Part Series, which is probably one of the more popular hydroponic nutrients out there.

So before we go any further, you’re gonna want to make sure that you’ve got the water properly with the right pH amount with nutrients in there.

You’ll be wanting to use more of the grow nutrients, which is going to stimulate that vegetative phase of growth.

We’re going to be growing a plant that does not fruit or flower because this is a small system. So you can’t really grow cucumbers in this thing.

It’s really good for something like basil, something like lettuce or spinach or maybe a different type of herb. That means that you’re not going to be wanting to using as much of the bloom nutrients.

Okay, now our next step is we need to add our media and our plant.

I generally use coconut coir, and then I take a plant that I’ve already started. So I’d have seed started already and I’ll dig out a little hole and place that plant inside. You can start your plant in the two liter bottle if you want to. It’s just gonna take a little bit longer to get started.

So the final step is to add the wick and for wick I like to use a uh, like a cotton rope.

Try to avoid anything that’s paper-based just because it’s going to be sitting in water. It’s going to be wet all the time. It’s going to rot out or become like structurally unstable. So I like to use, uh, some sort of cotton rope.

You can use like cloth or you can cut up a um, a wash towel and use that if you want to.

This is the final phase. Now you can see how this works. Basically the wick is going to draw water and nutrients up into the growing media and it’s going to moisten the growing media and then your roots are going to take up that water and nutrients.

And hopefully once the plant is strong enough it’s the roots are actually going to make its way down and out into this bottom area.

So you won’t actually need to use the wick as much. The wick kind of helps during that early phase of the plants growth that where it really needs moisture and it doesn’t have the root structure to be sitting down in this nutrient already.

And you know that’s more or less it for the two liter bottle garden. It’s very, very simple guys. Now the only other thing you might want to do is add some sort of opaque coating around the entire two liter bottle.

So maybe something like aluminum foil. You could do cardboard paper, um, poster paper, something like that. You could duct tape it too if you want, but I tend to use something that I can remove so I can check the water level and make sure that nothing’s going wrong.

That is it for the two liter bottle hydroponic garden.

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