3 Simple Houseplant Care Tips to Keep Your Plants Healthy

When it comes to caring for our houseplants, most of us love our plants to death. We do too much to them and then they die as a result. That is why we’re going over three bare bones, dead simple, so basic, they almost shouldn’t be mentioned, tips to make sure that your houseplants are nice and healthy.

We shouldn’t be stressing about our houseplants. They should actually be relaxing us, right? That’s is why we get them. We’re looking at three different tips. The first one is a very dead simple one for just overall increasing the health of your plants. The second one has to do with what about if you leave? What if you go on vacation? And the third one is just a watering tip that I think may help you if you have trouble watering your houseplants.

Tip number one is to take advantage of the season.

Plants naturally like to be outside. Remember guys, houseplants don’t exist. We made that term up. All plants evolve outdoors. And wherever they’re endemic to, as in where they evolved, that’s the condition they’re going to like most. So if you have a weak or sickly looking houseplant something you can do when the weather’s good is just bring it outdoors for a week or so. Give it that environmental stress and it’s going to perk back up.

Tip number two is really four fast paced tips on what to do when you leave your plants for a few days.

One really easy thing to do is just top off the bottom of your saucer. Now, is this the best solution? No, but if you’re gone for a couple days and the plant needed a water, then this can be a great one to just give it a little bit of buffer.

Another thing that I don’t see a lot of houseplant owners do, is use mulch. It cuts down on the evaporation loss of water quite a bit. And so if you are on vacation, that’s just a great tip to have to water less and buffer that plant.

Quick tip three, if you’re really worried about a particular plant, is you can grab one of those little water globe things and just pop it in and then you have a little reservoir of water just in case something happens while you’re gone.

Vacation tip four is just to slightly move your plants out of the light and so everything slows down on them just a little bit. Remember less light, less photosynthesis, less water use, and it can kind of just give you a little bit of extra time. Especially if you’re gonna be gone for a longer period of time.

Our final simple care tip is for if you feel like you have problems watering your houseplants.

Sometimes it can be hard to fully hydrate soil, especially if you have certain soil mixes. And so just let it sit just like this for five or 10 minutes or so and water is going to wick all the way up and slowly we’ll hydrate the entire mix and you’ve given it a nice, perfect deep drink.

I know those three tips were dead simple, but sometimes simple is best and those will increase the health of your plants. Good luck in the garden and keep on growing. Happy Gardening!

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