Here are the five reliable tips for gardening:

  1. Use felt pots or smart pots. These things are so helpful especially if you’re an urban gardener or wanted to be one. Generally, these are lightweight foldable containers to grow your plants in. They are so perfect for gardening in small spaces, especially if you want to grow potatoes. You can transport them easily whenever you want. It also prevents overwetting the plant.
  1. Gardening without gloves. If you love the feeling of dirt in your hands as you work with plants, this tip might be for you. The reason for this is that you can do gardening as delicately as possible. For this, you may want to use some cream to protect your hands also.
  1. Instead of putting gravel at the bottom of your container pots, which is a really common recommendation, try putting a cut-up old sponge. A sponge can help you quite a bit because it soaks up the water and it will release via capillary action, which is almost like a self-watering process until a certain point, or when the soil gets dry. 4.
  1. Recycle plastic bottles to be miniature greenhouses for your little seedlings. You can also use it as some sort of garden cloak to speed up the growth of a plant or protect them from birds, etc. 
  1.  Use coffee filters for draining. Coffee filters are a pretty good way to prevent crazy amounts of drainage out of the hole while still actually allowing draining in the first place. 

These are most helpful if you want to start a small garden, however, all of these work if you have the commitment and responsibility to really work on growing it.

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