Amazing Plants to Grow in a Shade

If you wonder what to do with the shady part of your garden, you have come to the right place. Planning to have more plants to grow, but you are worried because there is no space anymore and only under the shade is the place to have it on? Check these two amazing plants you can grow in the shade.

Plants need light to grow, but some are very suitable for dark environments. These dark corners in the garden are like bugs and can be a bit difficult. 

The first plant to recommend is Coral Bells or Primo Wild Rose. It has beautiful, striking rosy purple leaves. It blooms during midsummer, and the flowers are in a kind of rosy pink color. It attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.

It is mainly used as a bordering in the garden. The dazzling purple color really brings out the beauty of the garden. It is also suitable for mixing with other shade plants.

The next plant is Hosta. It is a great shade plant that is also easy to grow and low maintenance. The color of its leaves is a silvery blue leaf with a really thick yellow margin around the whole leaf. Even in dark corners, they shine as the leaves reflect beautiful colors and highlight the ordinary flowerbeds.

In their entirety, Coral Bells and Hosta can be grown in the shaded corner of your garden and makes your garden gorgeous. Of course, many excellent shade plants are out there, and all are picked based on preference. However, all of these can be grown if you explore the dark corners of your garden, use your creativity, and start planting. 

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