What are some important gardening tips for spring? Many plants need special care in the upcoming spring season. In particular, some plants need very specific soil conditions. So I thought I’d give you a few gardening tips, as well as soil types, to choose the best plants for your garden.

Soil Types

There are many types of soil on Earth. Different soils have different microorganisms, nutrients, etc. Plants naturally need certain soil compositions. A high nutrient, sandy soil requires a lot of mulch and less fertilizer in the soil. A silt loam soil composition requires a lot of mulch and less fertilizer in the soil. You can do a soil test to find out what type of soil your soil is. One of the most common types of soil is the “modified natural soil” which contains limestone, sand, clay, organic matter, and other minerals. This type of soil is favorable to many plants, but it needs to be modified (so built-up) periodically to prevent weed and grass seeds’ growth. (See soil test)

The next type of soil is the “Modified Clay Cliffs” soil. This soil tends to form a coarser clay where plants can have access to moisture, but has an extremely hard surface. Plants that grow in this soil style should be kept on the surface. Some varieties of plants like myrtle, honeysuckle, and many evergreens grow well, as well as evergreen shrubs, but there is a risk that you will have problems with deer rooting. Even though myrtle grows down below the deer-rumpling layer, it grows very quickly and if you don’t keep it well-maintained, it will uproot and become a serious problem. You want to keep the plants below the rim of the rim layer. For plants that have roots like hydrangeas, cacti, and bougainvillea, the soil should be sandy. This type of soil is great for fruit trees, but be careful where you put them, as the plants can over-root and become a serious problem. For these kinds of plants, the soil should be fairly loose, but very fertile and well-drained. (Soil tests will reveal the required “modification” of the soil).

The last soil type is “Soft Soil”. This is very loose, sandy loam which supports a lot of grass and other plants. This is great for any plant that needs lots of light and an open system. The problem is that the plant can come up quickly, so be patient. Not all plants do well in this soil style. Notable plants which do well in this style are blue-dress and crab-apple. The best soils for these kinds of plants are the “Modified Clay Cliffs” and the “Modified Clay Loams”. If you plant hardy plants and are patient, you can get long life for these kinds of plants, and they are perfect for golf courses.

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