Winter is soon to come, but don’t worry there are plants that are thriving in cold weather. Cold hardy plants can flourish in freezing temperatures. Many can also withstand periods of extended snow, but you need to plant them during the fall. If you plant them during the early spring they could die. There are many different plants, shrubs, and trees that are hardy to -35.

Some of these can be moved into storage when snow and ice are on the ground. If you live in a climate that is susceptible to snow, you can bring them back when the snow melts. Some can be brought inside. These plants have shallow roots so they can survive the cold winter.

Some don’t like being kept inside, and can get over 30 in the winter, but don’t do this. Too much snow will choke their roots and they could die. Some trees, shrubs, and ground cover seeds are very sensitive and could break and die from cold stress.

When the frost comes this spring, it’s time to bring them inside or move them to storage. If you use a machine to move the plants be careful that it’s quiet. Some will wake from their dormancy and noise could make them come out of dormancy.

If you are not worried about noise, and the plants are placed inside, you should bring them inside as well. These plants won’t come out of their storage as they are dead. You can put the plants inside to keep them away from snow and keep them sheltered from snow and frost. However, if the ground is too frozen you can bring them outside to cut them into 6-inch sections and get them indoors. Keep the plants in their containers if they won’t come out of their containers to avoid destroying their root system. If you have an aquarium, use plastic tubing to bring them inside. Placing the plants in small pots will keep them indoors. Do not cut the plant down when they are dormant or put them into a dormant mode for storage.

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