What are some important gardening tips during spring? Find out below and begin getting your gardens in shape for the upcoming growing season.


Spring is the time to start preparing your gardens for planting. The ground can be hard and compacted with snow, ice or with roots that have been dug deep for winter. It is important to loosen the soil and break up the compacted soil to help the bulbs and other seedlings grow out more easily. This also allows sunlight to get to the soil, which promotes the sprouts to grow strong. The best way to break up the soil is to use a rake. Be careful not to pound the soil; however, this can be done with care. It is also important to make sure that the soil is moist before the planting. Just moisten the soil just enough to soften it a little. Do this by raking the soil with a hand rake or with a machine rake.

Another important thing to do is to dig out the weeds. They tend to grow back strong during the spring, so be careful about removing them. If you are planning to use a lot of herbicides, consider using these during the month of March, or your garden may be adversely affected. If you plan to use herbicides, make sure that they are highly diluted.

1. Sprays – These can be a nuisance if you do not water them down properly, and they can cause your plants to die. If you plan to use a lot of sprays, be careful when choosing the time of day. It is better to start late in the day and have a lot of left over water in the evening than to overdo the spray and have none left over in the morning. The ideal spray time is early in the morning or in the evening.

2. Insecticides – These can be harmful to your flowers and grass if they are not diluted down. Early morning is best for these, and the ideal time for application is in the morning or late in the evening. Early morning is not ideal, as this would mean that you would run into other problems and be late for spraying. Late in the day is ideal, so you will be sprayed first and can do the most to controlling the insects.

3. Herbicides – Any herbicides should be diluted down. This is because the easiest way to dilute a herbicide is with water, and if you use too much, there will be none left for the other plants.

Spring is the time to start preparing your gardens for planting. The ground can be kept free of any sticks, stones, or any other debris that can harm the flowers, plants, and any turf that you have built. You will be able to easily plant all of your plants by sitting the soil out between your hands. You can also easily lay the garden through the winter and allow the roots to penetrate the ground as you push it into place. This helps to insulate the soil from the cold winter winds, which can destroy your flowers and plants.

You should also take care to check the irrigation system. You should spray all your plants with a high pressure watering system that has a long-lasting work area and a high flow rate. Also check to see if you have any drip systems and low pressure spray heads that should be checked for leaks.

Lastly, you should check for any signs of termites. They are most active in the spring, and if you do not take care of these at the beginning of the season, they will take over the garden, and will destroy everything in their path.

As you can see, springtime can be stressful to some gardens. With some basic precautions taken, you should be able to have a beautiful garden from the first rain of the season to the last rain of the season.

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