People may wonder “Why should I start to garden or landscape?” The real question at hand should be, why shouldn’t you garden? Gardening can provide much more than adding beauty to your yard. Let me show you the numerous benefits of gardening.

1.) Good for your mind, body and soul

Gardening is a great form of exercise. It has been proved to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and decrease depression aside from having obvious weight loss benefits. Studies show that merely looking at plants or a garden can generate changes in our blood pressure, heart activity, muscle tension, and brain electrical activity. Gardeners or garden enthusiasts produce emotions of calm, tranquility, and happiness through colors and textures. Gardening has evolved into a form of therapy for our body and soul rather than being a mere good pastime.

2.) Saving and Protecting the Environment

We can truly “go green” through gardening which can help benefit the Earth. As we all know, we humans have dealt a huge negative impact on the environment. Plants are considered as highly effective air cleaners – absorbing carbon dioxide and many air pollutants, while releasing clean oxygen and fragrance. Also, a dense cover of plants and mulch holds soil in place which reducies erosion and keeps sediment out of streams, storm drains and roads.

Planting new gardens, such as rain gardens, can make use of the rainwater run-off and help prevent harmful pollutants from making it in our streams and lakes. Native gardens, like rain gardens, are not only good for the environment because they are low maintenance, beautiful, and budget-friendly!

Apart from being good for the environment, gardens have environmental gains for us. An effective, environmental landscape design can cool your home in summer and warm it in winter. According to the Plants for Clean Air Council, having energy-efficient landscaping can reduce your energy costs by up to 20%.

3.) Increase in property value

A garden/landscaping design is considered an investment for the future. A tastefully designed yard can add extra appeal to your house and in return increase the overall value of ones home. A garden can also help one sell their house faster compared to the average home owner apart from adding monetary value.

4.) Going Organic and Growing Green

A vegetable garden will ensure the freshness and quality of what you are eating. In this day and age where pesticides and fertilizers are overused, consider the comfort you will have when you know exactly what has touched your fruits and vegetables. Plus a vegetable garden is a great way to gain responsibility and personal satisfaction.

5.) Self satisfaction

Gardening and landscaping is becoming an art form. It is truly a life-time hobby. Planning, planting and watching your own garden grow can fill a person with great satisfaction and pride. The more you learn the more proficient one gets and the possibilities become endless.

So what is stopping you from starting your own garden and landscape design? Start reaping the many benefits that a garden can add to your life. There is no better time to start than today. Now is the time to find your own reason why you should garden!

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