Compost containers near a garden is a great thing to have. They could be used as a compost tumbler to place in your back garden or simply as a compost container. There are many different types, styles, and sizes to pick from. Each is designed to solve the specific problem that it is made for.

A small compost tumbler could be used to make compost for your flower beds or used to feed an animal. The tumbler will be used for the most part for food. In the winter months, the tumbler will sit in the corner of your backyard, primarily used for composting. This compost will be used to fertilize your flower beds.

The Compost Tumbler is made of plastic, stainless steel, or clay, depending on the budget and availability of the clay. Often the compost is stored in a clay container similar to a drum except that it has a bottom. You can fill the tumbler with compost or sand or just leave it bare. The tumbler is then placed onto a level surface.

The advantage of placing the compost tumbler close to your flower garden is that the decomposing matter will trickle into the soil and be available for everyone’s food. When it rains, the rain will mix with the compost and nourish the plants, thus keeping them healthy. The disadvantage of using a traditional compost pile or clay tubs is that it is somewhat more expensive to buy and has to be maintained and cleaned regularly. The compost tumbler is more attractive and is made of a more robust material that won’t rust or rot. This composition allows it to be used year after year.

The advantage of the compost tumbler is that it allows it to be used with minimal maintenance. Unlike traditional compost, this tumbler will not need to be dug up each spring and is much less expensive. Compost requires lots of effort to maintain and requires that you watch out for mold and fungus and deal with the problem quickly. It also requires that you be outdoors for a while during the spring and fall months to watch out for the spores from the fungus. As the tumbler decomposes in the soil, these spores are not present. This tumbler is also a lot less expensive. The compost tumbler is also made to last longer.

In conclusion, the compost tumbler is a much better solution to your needs. You will surely be happy that you decided to use the compost tumbler because it was well worth the extra cost.

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